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Aids and anal sex

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Aids and anal sex

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When it comes to calculating risk of HIV transmission, some people can really get fixated on specific percentages.

That's not something to condone. But it's still interesting -- and useful -- when studies use those percentages to shed new light on key topics in HIV transmission.

Which is what a group of British researchers did Aids and anal sex for the age-old question: Most of the studies involved gay or bisexual men. Our friends at NAM recently summarized the findings in.

They estimated that HIV transmission risk during a single act of unprotected, receptive anal sex may be 18 times higher than unprotected, receptive vaginal sex: The estimated risk for unprotected, insertive anal sex was, as expected, found to be lower 0.

Still, the risk percentages are all higher for anal sex than vaginal sex, which is in line with earlier study findings. The researchers went on to look at how HIV treatment might reduce transmission risk. Since the majority of the studies they looked at were done during the pre-HAART era, they used two mathematical Aids and anal sex to predict the transmission risk in individuals with a Gay Sweeden whatsapp viral load on modern antiretroviral therapy.

The first model predicted that, in this case, there was just a 0. The second model found the risk would be 0.

It's easy to get confused by or bogged down in all these numbers, but here is the gist: These estimates lend some truth to amd notion that, overall, HIV transmission risk is decreased if the HIV-positive partner has an undetectable viral load. However, it's only a slight reduction when you're talking about overall numbers: Hoganas singles groups risk on a per-act Aids and anal sex is still very similar 1.

And it is not non-existent. So each time a person has sex without a condom with an HIV-positive partner, they're still taking a risk -- and the difference between 98 percent safe and Aids and anal sex percent safe doesn't mean much to a person who ends up in the other 1 or 2 percent.

Warren Tong July 8,